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Panel update-
First production run is done.

Two people have requested slight modifications:
nkorep (switch panel + gauge panel with text only, no holes)
rjracin240 (switch panel + gauge panel with no depth gauge)
Those sets of panels are done.
I have nkorep's address and will ship pending confirmation he still wants them. I have no contact info other than email for rjracin240. If you still want them, please confirm.

Other people who have expressed an interest in the panels are:
bonk87 (I have your mailing address, PM sent)
kevin89mc (email sent to your gmail)
[email protected]

I have 6 sets of the full panels available this run. At that point I will have run out of engraving stock. I'll do first come, first served on these sets.

If any of the above people are still interested, I need mailing addresses so I can get panels sent out. I'll send panels in a padded envelope via USPS. I can send UPS/FedEx if you specify, but that will probably increase your shipping costs.
RE: payment. I have Paypal but I'd like to ask if the purchasers will cover any associated fees. I've never been a 'seller,' so no idea what the fees are, but if you guys are willing to work with me, I'd appreciate it.

If other people want panels, I can do another run, but I'll need to order more material (different source, should be much faster to get it).

FYI, I'll be out of town from the 23rd to the 30th, so a second run, if needed, will be done when I return. Likewise, if you don't get me your mailing address in time, you'll have to wait until I get back to get your panels.


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