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Carb Problem 351 Holley 4160 Flooding

Getting frustrated and looking for ideas. Boat is an '88 PS 190 with 351 and brand new (last year) Holley 4160. Boat was running fine but I decided to replace the power valve with a 2.5 because I wasn't sure what the new carb came with and I was having some slight bogging and rich smell out of the hole. Pulled the front bowl, switched out the power valve, put it back together and it wouldn't start. Finally figured out it was getting way too much gas and got it to start with choke open and wide open throttle. If I back off the throttle it will stay running for a while (with black smoke) but quickly loads up.

I pulled the front bowl again, blew through the float and it seemed to be shutting off fine. Tried again with same results. Then I pulled both bowls, blew through the inlets with compressed air, checked them both to see that the needles and seat were closing by holding them upside down and blowing through the inlets with my mouth. Seemed to be working fine. Put it back together and still have the issue. I also tried changing back to the original power valve.

What did I do? Doesn't make any sense to me.
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