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I have a 2010 (no touchscreen on that version) with the BIG/Viper along with PP.

The first version of the software had the ability to store the KDW setting with the rider profile. However CS and NN settings were still in the Cruise Settings screen (not sure the exact menu name) if I remember correctly. After an Viper/Big version update KDW was no longer in the rider settings and moved to the Cruise Settings. Originally I did not like that but now I think I prefer it that way - just my preference. The later version update of Big/Viper was an improvement in many other areas.

Actually, I stopped using the rider settings for the most part. The Ballast settings of % full are based upon the amount of time the pumps are run (settings for the ballast pump run time is under a "Ballast Configuration" menu where you set the amount of time to run the pump in minutes that would achieve 100%). I've found this to be inaccurate as the pump may take some time to prime and the impeller effeciency seems to change. Also changing from one rider (say set at 70%) to another rider (say set at 100%) resulted in the tanks not being filled correctly. Rather I just leave the ballast settings for a rider set to zero and then I just fill the ballast to where I want it watching the ballast guages in the Big screen. More often than not I'm just using "No Rider" and setting the speed as desired depending upon who is behind the boat. I ride at 21mph, my son rides ad 22mph and my daugher rides at 16.5mph - easy.

Now, I do actually like the BIG/Viper. You can see Active and Stored/Prior engine faults. You can select the information you want to see on the digital guage screen - I like Depth, water temperature, etc... I like the analog guage screen as well as I can see all the guages I'm interested in a close grouping (Speed, RPM, Water Temp, Oil Pressure).

Also I've been following the posts about the 2012 issues some of you guys have been having and feel bad about your experience. I had some early problems as well but no where as much as you all have been having. I keep hoping to hear that things get resolved soon for you all every time I read one of the posts in those thread.
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