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I was out last evening and spent some time adjusting the settings. With just the KGB full the following worked well:
I got the same results as Willyt - Good engagement and held to about .2 MPH. What a difference having these settings correct makes. It was sweeeet!

However, when I filled up all ballast tanks, the speed seemed to wander and PP engaged too early (too slow). I'm believe I need to increase CS and decrease NN in that case. We ran out of time in the evening so I try additional settings with all tanks full next time out.

I also seem to notice that how hard you advance the throttle has a corralation to what value of CS works well. So if you are heavy on the throttle on start a little lower CS keeps it from overshooting. If you are lighter on the start then a little higher CS keeps it from engaging too early and not getting to set point quickly. So it is important that you handle the throttle consistently during the start per your settings.
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