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Several have asked for details on my wood gantry for engine removal. I'm not a PE, I didn't use wood span tables to engineer this. But, it worked for me and I'll be using it again to put the engine in.

A garage is never big enough...

The gantry uses 2x4x10 lumber for the A frames. They are reinforced with a 2x4x8 screwed into the side of the 10' uprights. The A frame is completed with a (2) 2x8s up top to hold up the beam and (2) 2x4s one in the middle, one at the bottom to prevent spreading of the A-frame. All of the hardware is 3/8" through bolts.

The beam is made of (3) 2x10x12 douglas fir. I picked the good ones from Home Depot- straight with no warp, twist, bow and as few knots as possible. The beam uses short 2x4 spacers where the diagonal bracing is attached to space the 2x10s apart. This helps to make the beam wider and lessen the risk of the beam twisting in the A-frame from an uneven loading.

For a hoist, I used a lifting strap wrapped around the 2x10s, hooked on a 1 ton chain hoist + engine leveler and chains to the engine.

By the way, this gantry was just tall enough to lift my engine above the transom so I could pull the trailer out. My ceiling is over 12', so I had plenty of room...
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