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From the Cincy area you are looking at about 4 hours however, we travel well and could hook-up mid-way in say Columbus.....there are a few guys there who I bet would also join us for the day! If nothing else, try to make it to Buckeye Bash and we will have some fun.

As far as backwards goes, the best thing I ever did was take a lesson from Lane Bowers and I can tell you that in that video I am going about 28-30mph. Prior to the lesson I was always under the impression that you needed more speed when in actuality it is less....Lane had me up on the boom at 26mph which completely blew me away. It is not nearly as hard as it looks especially once you learn a few tricks and we have one guy that foots with us that really makes it look easy.
Anytime, the offer always stands, only rule is you have to come and have fun as we really don't like to take it serious and all falls are subject to laughing (once we know you are OK of course)!

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