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Originally Posted by Jeffer View Post
Dylan, yep, Big Bear, we have a cabin up there and that's where the boat stays. Very sharp eye or way too familiar with the area, one way or another.
Hey occva, I was actually going to throw them up on here to see if anyone wanted/needed them. For the most part they are in pretty good shape, speedos both worked but they are the most sun-dulled. Everything else, with the exception of the clock, worked when I pulled them out and are in pretty good overall shape. If you are looking for specific ones, let me know and I can snap a few pics and send 'em your way.
I only go up there in the winter, but recognized the surroundings. I'd love to hear your input on Big Bear and how it is for watersports.

Also as one of the few Southern California people on this board, if you ever need a pull around San Diego let me know. We go out regularly in the Spring, then the boat spends the summer/fall out on Lake Havasu, Mohave, and in between.
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