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Originally Posted by ddummitt View Post
I have the original clarion 4 channel amp in the boat and I also have a Clarion XN3410 4 channel and a Clarion XN3210 that I purchased when I thought the original was shot.

With these amps available for use and the intention to replace the speakers with either 651's or 6501's how should I set this system up? and do the amps available change the speaker recommendation?
Not sure what older Clarion you have, but out of the other two, I would go with the XN3410 4 chnl. It will deliver 90W rms per chnl with a single speaker per chnl and around 82W per speaker if you have a pair wired in parallel to each chnl. This 4 chnl will be ideal for powering 4-6 in-boats. It will do fine for either the 650's or 6501's.


If you do not want to go with components or leave the old Clarion tweeters as dummies, swap them out with LED courtesy light assemblies.
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