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1996 Prostar Dashboard repair

So in my on-going effort to post (as a thanks for everyone's help to me) and help others, here's some work I did on my dashboard. When I purchased the boat, a few of the dash panel star nuts for the screws had pulled out of the rubberized dash itself (particularly on the speedo/tach panel). as you can see in the photo. I tried searching the forum for anyone that had repaired this as I figured it had to be a common issue. Also, the plastic hold-down strips on the leading edge of the dash were both broken, so the part of the dash closest to the windshield lifted up and down. If you haven't removed the dash, it's not hard but takes time. After removing the panels (label everything!) there are a couple screws on either side of the inside dash itself screwed into the fiberglass, and the steering wheel and teleflex steering assembly has to be removed from the dash as there are three screws through the tilt wheel assembly that hold the dash to the boat. Also there are two screws up under the leading edge of the dash.
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