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Originally Posted by millpondkid View Post
So I know this thread is not about loading pics but I'm really getting pissed at myself for not being able to figure this out. I created an account at photobucket, uploaded pics, but then I don't see any options to link my pics and I have no clue what or where a clipboard is. When I copy and paste my pic in the reply box it just posts the link letters/words not the pic. Iv posted other pics on other sites without all these issues. Do I need a phone app to be able to copy my pic to a img link??? I just don't see where on photobucket this option is. Thanks in advance and I love the pics on this thread.
I got your back here...

First, since you said you have a photobucket account, go to the album on photobucket that you have uploaded pictures to. (Have you uploaded pictures?) There should be thumbnails of each picture like this:

Then hover your mouse over the thumbnail of the picture you want to post. It should have a box pop up underneath the thumbnail that looks like this:

Now, click inside the box that says "IMG code". When you click there, it should automatically copy that link to your clip board. It's this box in red:

Now that the link has copied to your clipboard, go to team talk, and in either the quick reply, or post reply boxes, right click the mouse, and click "paste". Whatever is copied to your clipboard will paste in the reply box... kind of like this:

Now... wherever those links are that you pasted, a picture will take the place of them. As you can see in this thread.

This is the original picture from the thumbnail:

That help?
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