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Fuel Sender 101 Continued

I then took the new unit and tested it WITH THE OHM METER prior to installing it. With the float all the way up it was reading 33 ohms

In the middle it was reading 100 ohms

At the bottom it was reading 240 ohms.

I then installed the sender into the tank to find the proper alignment before placing the gasket on. It only fits in one way.

The sender then was removed and the gasket and new screws were installed on to the sender. Install the sender back into the tank with the same orientation as before. Be sure to use the correct screws as the kit comes with 2 different thread sizes.

Gently tighten these screws in a criss cross pattern tighten until you see the gasket start to bulge just a little then stop. Overtightening will destroy the gasket and possibly damage the tank.

Now that the sender is installed you will have to connect the wires into the old senders harness. Just cut the old wires from the sender and splice them on to the new one. Be sure to use a method that will not allow any moisture to get into the connections.

Think that your done well not just yet One more thing to check before plugging in the sender.

You want to check that you have a good ground connection at the sender harness. Using an ohm meter connect one of the leads from the black wire on the boat side of the sender harness. Connect the other side to a good ground (I used the negative side of the battery as it was close). You should get a reading of 0.0 ohms if you connection is perfect Mine read 1.0 ohms however the meter I was using had 0.5 ohms of lead resistance. 0.5 ohms is acceptable to me.

To test the lead resistance simply connect you ohm meter leads together your meter will read 0.00 if your leads are perfect if not subtract this reading from all your readings if you want more accuracy.

Now remove the meter and plug the harness into the sender and dress up the wiring.

Turn on or reconnect your battery. Then turn on your key and you should see what your fuel level is.

Looks like I better get me some fuel. Its below the ˝ level don’t want to have to read the FUEL PUMP 101 thread.

Hope this helps.

Pictures below are same ones used between text. disreguard
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