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Not much progress since the last update. The slalom course is in and I've been skiing with friends... It's not the same as my own boat, but I can't stay in the garage while everyone else is having fun.

My epoxy and fiberglass came in - quick shipping by US Composites. I did my first "practice" layup on my old beat up canoe - seemed fairly easy.

I finished cleaning up the bow area of stray fiberglass panels that formed the bulkhead where the foam filled against. The bow area is clear of all old foam and bulkheads, ready to become a storage area. I put a single coat of epoxy over the bow hull area to help wet out some of the fiberglass that had become exposed and white because of constant contact with water over 30+ years. The foam was waterlogged.

The Tyvek suit is working out great for keeping me itch free and the goggles and respiratory let me go to town with cutting, grinding, rolling epoxy, etc. It's great to be finished with a stint, take off the gear and be able to sit down on the couch with a beer.

I started cutting support members for the bow floor - what a pain. I'm using cardboard for the template - first few cuts were crappy, getting better.

This weekend will be a full on work weekend on the boat. I've got the supplies, now just need to get to work. Hopefully some good pics coming soon.
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