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First of all, thanks for all the responses. And now as far as more details go, right now I haul the boat (about 6500lb i think) 2-3 times a month on a trip ranging from 30-60 miles and I plan on taking it about 4 times a year on a trip about 200 miles down the road so I could see hauling about 1000 miles a year. The terrain here is not Colorado mountainous by any means but I do live in the Ozarks so it gets pretty hilly at times. I don't have any kids that I know of so back seat room really isn't an issue at this time.

And as far as why I'm even considering trading, I have these concerns....1. Trade it now because after 100K miles resale value typically takes a huge hit. 2. If I keep it, I can see having to plug about $2,500 into the 4runner in the not so distant future (new tires, 90K mile service, recommended transmission cooler, weight distribution hitch), whereas if I bought new, this $2500 could go directly into a vehicle already possessing or not needing these things. I love my Toyota and never thought I would even think about another brand, but I'm just not sure the Tundra has the proven track record of the other brands but it doesn't mean I can't be persuaded otherwise. One thing is for sure, I definitely don't want to hurt my 4runner and sometimes I'm afraid I may be overdoing it hauling something this heavy. Anyway, those are the things that have me weighing my options.

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Hogwild, your screen name anything to do with the razorbacks? If so where do you live? I am from Arkansas and graduated from the U of A.
Yes it most certainly does. I live in Fayetteville and am a Razorback fan through and through. WPS!!!
What year did you graduate?

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