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Originally Posted by nkorep2 View Post
No, you should have removed those. The hardest part of removing the frame for me was the rusted nuts on all those bolts. It shouldnt be hard to remove at all. I removed the rear sections first, and then pulled the main windshield. It kinda just slid out for me.
Things I learned:

1) Do not try to take off windshield in 100-deg weather. Rubber expands and makes the windshield lock-tight.

2) Do not try to unscrew the inside screws first. They are hard to get to because you don't need to take them off first.

3) Start with unbolting all the inside/bottom nuts from the through-bolts that secure to the body. You need like a 8mm or 5/16" long socket, I forget which. With these off the entire windshield should slide right UP, then you can take it all apart in pieces.

This is an '88 so I don't even know if this will help anyone anymore... so ya. The boat actually looks really slick without the windshield. You could probably fiberglass the windshield grooves and put bubble-style windshields on there. Anyhow, everything is ripped out and this thing is ready to go to the paint booth. Everything is being reupholstered currently so more pics to come (probably in a different thread). Thanks for the help guys!!!

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