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You'd need to give more specifics like budget, where and how you tow (hills, long or short distances, etc) and other needs for your truck (seating capacity, do you need it to be a p/u) to get a more tailored recommendation.

I've always been a Toyota guy myself. They cost more up front for sure... Tend to hold resale value much better than GM or Ford, so arguably you get your money back, or at least thats the argument i always use with my wife to justify why I bought the more expensive car. It does seem to be born out by my experiences versus friends who bought GM and Ford, but maybe it's luck or I take better care of my cars than they do. My experience is similar to yours with your 4Runner that they have been extremely reliable.

The other knock I'll give Toyota is that at least until the 5.8L engine they put in the newer Tundra, Sequoia, and Land Cruiser they really weren't a great tow car. The engines are wonderfully smooth and quiet for normal or even off road use but weren't blessed with much torque to tow heavy loads. I've heard good things about the 5.8L engine but have not towed with one myself, just test drives.
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