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Vehicles I have used to tow my maristar 215.

07 dodge mega cab 5.9 cummins
08 silverado z71 5.3l 4 spd transmission
2010 dodge hemi half ton (new body style)
2011 GMC sierra 4x4 6.2l 6 spd.

Diesel obviously had the best capability towing. The worse was hte silverado with the 5.3 and 4 spd. The best truck I have towed with yet was the dodge half ton, of the gas engines. It was a great truck fit and finish, extremely smooth riding, and great mileage. Pulled the boat great! 18 or so 50/50 hwy and city driving. around 10-11 towing.

My current rig is the 6.2l sierra and it tows it fine. Just don't like it as much as I did the dodge half ton. The dodge's ride was much better, gas mileage was better empty and towing, and truck was a little better fit and finsih. Yes, I was as shocked as anyone else to see dodge finally getting it together with the fit and finish.

I have a keen interest on the eco boost motor fords. I was trying to get one hard when I bought my sierra, but they were just coming out and not willing to negotiate. I will possibly be enertaining getting one next year. The reviews of MPG are iffy right now. Some guys are swearing by 22 and some swear they cant get better than 15. I have honest and trust worthy friends that know vehicles that are both sides of the spectrum. If someone could guarantee me 20 out of truck on the hwy with that power I'd own one tomorrow.

Hogwild, your screen name anything to do with the razorbacks? If so where do you live? I am from Arkansas and graduated from the U of A.

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