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Originally Posted by WESSTAR View Post
What kind of trailer do you have? I have a SBT and have to have the rear wheels of my truck touching the water than slowly float it on then you have to crank it up and may have to have who ever is driving the truck move it deeper or shallower to get it just right. Then I climb it the boat and head to the back and hold on to the Guides and make sure the boat goes on straight. It is easy once you get some seat time and get your wife or buddy trained up on the proper trailer placement.

I don't know what the trailer as far as brand. It is whatever was sold from Mastercraft in 2004. I don't know if they have used more than one company in producing trailers for them.

I have used your technique and that works, but I was hoping for a secret that would allow me to stay dry and put it in all in one motion, like my old boat. May just be a product of the rudder and v drive combo.
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