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I've owned 5 different inboards and the X-star is a whole different animal when it comes to loading her on the trailer. (because of the pickle fork bow)

You can power load as suggested only if the ramp is not too steep, otherwise the flat part of the bow tries to go under the boat buddy, plus the boat hits the spare tire too. If the ramp is not steep, put your trailer in so the fenders are just barely under water.

On steeper ramps (like ours) I put the trailer in deep so my suburban's tailpipe is just starting to blow bubbles, then I float it on and winch it the final 1-2 feet. I usually have someone in the back of the boat as I pull out to make sure it's centered between the guide poles. Most of the time it centers itself pretty well.

With most boats with a V-shaped bow just power load and you're done. Takes 30 seconds tops.

What year is your X-star?
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