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^what I do. I get my trailer pretty deep and have mine sprayed with liquid gold. I get her in and slightly floating, crank her up, and pull off. Only problem I ever had doing this was jacked up a transom transducer which shouldn't be on the boat in the first place. Takes about 1 minute to get her in and out. Find out what depth works for you, mentally mark your tire depth on the tow vehicle, and rinse/repeat. If you are new try to get an end ramp so you are open on one side or the other just to relieve stress.
Ive tried just winching it up but it feels like the winch is going to rip the tow eye through the hull haha.
You need to get deeper then. The boat will settle into place as you pull up. Liquid roller ftw. I hate powering into it but I also hate the idea of doing that on the beach
since I have pretty much zero control in reverse.
yea we have a long dock too. When unloading I let the others pull the boat to the very end of the dock while I park so there is no issues with trying to back out between 2 long docks and another line of boats.

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