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What is it that's giving you problems? Lining the boat up? Getting it all the way on the trailer? Steering issues?

When I put my boat on, I'll bring the trailer into the water (I found on my ramp it's easier dunking the fenders about 2-3" under water) then when I drive the boat on, I start a little ways out to get my path down. I'll slowly idle forward, then click throttle back to neutral, back to forward idle, back to neutral, and keep doing that so I have steering control. I barely leave it on power doing this to control my speed, and just drive the nose as center up the trailer as I can. Once the boat starts resting on the bunks, it starts leveling itself on the trailer, and I'll give the boat power to push it up into position. I'll then leave the power forward enough to not slide back down the trailer, and buckle everything I need to buckle up at the bow, climb back over the windshield, shut her down, and signal to drive to pull me out.

It definitely took some practice, but once you get it these things are a dream to load compared to some other boats. I also don't have an X-star, but the DD/VD's are all pretty similar when loading/unloading.

As a side note, when I unload the boat I try to always line my boat up with the dock on port side since when you power off the boat naturally pulls starboard. Gives me a little extra maneuvering room, since I have pretty much zero control in reverse.
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