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Originally Posted by Jerseydave View Post
On my '93 LT-1 it still runs at 120 degrees. (river temp is 68) Here's what I've done so far.

-Verified the guage works by touching the wire to ground.....guage pins to full temp.
-Replace sending unit for guage
-Replaced both t-stats....143 on bottom, drilled 160 on top
-Replaced steam tube at rear of engine with brass fittings and hoses. I cannot move the steam tube to the front of engine because of my high mounted alternator.

t-stat mixing housing at front of engine feels cold to the touch even after running 25 minutes.
Engine runs fine, no sign of overheating, no warning light or buzzer, no leaks.

I pulled the 160 t-stat to make sure its not stuck open and it's closed.
I have not checked the lower 143 t-stat to see if it's stuck open. Could that be it?
Any chance that one or both of the thermostats is in with the button on the wrong side?
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