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without pictures, i can't comment on your batteries, but i'll tell you how mine are set up. on my 02 X30, so same hull as yours, i've got one battery in a transverse fashion butted up against the divider between the starboard rear corner seat and the starboard locker. its in a battery box. the second battery is in a similar location in the port locker although there is no divider there. its just butted up against the back wall of the port rear corner seat. again in a battery box. i've noticed that when i run the 750 bag in the locker full, sometimes it will dislodge the cover to the box as it looks like it squishes the box a bit. no big deal. if i had to do it over, i don't think its would be worth the effort the move them all the way up to under the observers seat. although from a pure weight distribution standpoint, it would help distribute weight when i'm the only male in the boat and i'm driving. my remedy to that is just to have my wife drive. fortunately, she's a pretty good driver.
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