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FYI since we are all talking about starters, etc. I replaced my starter w/ a Arco mini the other week for slow turn overs when hot or after sitting for a while.
here is how it went...
replaced starter- tried to start, click-click...
tried brand new battery that was on a tender- same deal
checked all positive and negative connections- same deal
all sourced back to the starter relay- replaced- seemed to fix it with out a hitch, super fast turn overs

for the heck of it, I broke apart the relay and the positive lead was hardly making contact with the plate behind it. You can see just a very small part of the lead was making contact.

Not saying thats your issue, but check in the order of this...

1. check all positive and negative power cables going from the battery to the relay to the starter
2. try a different battery
3. check neutral safety switch
4. check kill switch
5. starter
6. relay
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