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Originally Posted by oldschool View Post
What are the advantages of electronic ignition? Also, I haven't been able to identify what carb i currently have but how was it obvious that i had an automotive and not a marine carb? I get the parts in on wednesday, interior will have to wait.. I'd like to take this boat out once before the lake dries up. Seems obvious but can I use an automotive fuel filter? O'Reilly's is down the street, West Marine is more than a skip and hop. I'll also go ahead and say y'all successfully talked me out of a tower after looking at one post on here. I guess it would be like putting a 3 foot spoiler on a 67 mustang.. Stripper pole it is, then.
Electronic ignition operates on 2-3 time the voltage so the spark is much stronger. It also doesn't wear like points do.........and as they wear your dwell changes so there is an effect on start-up and running. Not that your boat isn't fully operational with points, it is just a great upgrade. I put upgrading mine off for two years as there were other boat items higher on the list.

The easiest way to tell a marine from an automotive Holley is the vent tubes on the marine version are "J" shaped to force any overflow fuel back into the carb, thereby not allowing it to run down the engine into the bilge and create an explosive situation. Marine versions don't have a functional fast idle attached to the automatic choke, as well as there are some other minor differences as well.

Glad you made the decision to go with the stripper pole. Your Mustang analogy was very accurate.

There are many parts on these boats that are simple automotive parts, or marine parts readily available. Some of the major marine only components are the carb, starter, distributor and alternator.

When I got my non-running project boat, I drew up a plan of attack where Phase 1 was to get the boat running properly and operational on the water. Phase 2 is mechanical upgrades with some cosmetic items (that's where I am now), and Phase 3 will almost exclusively cosmetic. This helped me plan costs and work (sort of) within my budget.

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