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mcx exhaust manifold leaking

I have a 2006 MCX (197 prostar) in which the (black) exhaust manifolds have developed leaks in the centre of the (frost) plug/covers located at different positions on the manifold itself. It seems others have had the same problem. Not sure if they are frost plugs or covers for the initial manufacturing, but the seem to be a welded portion 1" in diameter that have developed a hole in the middle and now spurt water when engine is running (pictures of others :

can you give any advice to repair (I've heard of JB weld), or replacement parts if available (indmar seemed to think that I could purchase replacement "caps" from and "press" them into place.

If the manifolds are corroding in these places, does it mean they are corroded inside and will that affect engine operation - can this put water into the block??!

Craig Brown
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