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Engine is out

I was not planning on removing the engine when I started work on the floor. This added several days of research, planning and buying more stuff to get this to work. I wanted to rent a steel gantry crane, but couldn't find one locally. I'm not a metal guy, so I found plans for a wood one, did the stress caclulations (I'm an engineer by day) and built one. It worked great. 2x4 A-frame sides, (3) 2x10 doug fir beam. Got a 1 ton hoist, some webbing and chains and up she went. No wobbles or creaks. Anyone interested in the details, let me know,

After the engine goes back in, the wood is going to be used in the basement for shelves and to start of some walls, so I was going to buy most of the lumber anyway!

I was also quite happy that after the engine was up, I had about 4" of clearance over the stern when I pulled the trailer out to lay the engine onto the dollies.

Any recommendations of work that should be done while the engine is out? I was thinking about the water pump & I think the alternator needs to be replaced. That will go for testing this week - it's original equipment.

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