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Here are pics of the bow area with the floatation foam removed. From what I've read on the web, the hull has some pretty good hydrolysis going on in the areas of white. At the very front of the bow, there was a piece of foam that came out carrying some of the fibers from the hull. Everything seems solid - no delamination voids that I could tell by tapping on the hull.

Any advice on what needs to be done? I am thinking about grinding down the white areas and laying up a few layers of fiberglass to replace the material.

Also, I would like to add foam that does not contact the hull - the only places in the hull where there is whitening of the layup is under the foam. Does the foam provide any structural function? If so, do I need to pour 2-part foam at least in the below floor area. After all of this work, there is going to be storage up front!

At the front of the bow, you can see a 2x2 cross brace (is this used to pull the hull from the mold?). The foam came out as one big chunk once I got enough out to free it from this brace. The darker coloration in the bow is from water that got into the boat from a quick rain shower. It's white when dry.

Front bow foam containing fibers from the hull

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