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If the engine is not run on the trailer to 160 for ten minutes, it's slower than cold honey out the hose.
It's the first statement in the manual for changing oil.

With vacuum on the drain hose out the bottom, it took less than a minute.
With engine still warm, quart was added till it came out the hose clean.
Now I know it's a clean sweep in the crankcase.

The drain hose should anchored to a clip near the top front of engine near the oil cooler.
This is where it is on the 209.

The biggest challenge was removing the filter w/o spilling a drop.
The vacuum tank was ready to use soon as filter was loosened a few turns to leak into small tray first.
Then transferred along the bilge till access near front of engine.

If tray is secure under filter,
the standard process for these GM filters is punch a hole with long narrow screwdriver at the side bottom edge,
and let it drain completely before cracking it loose.
Vacuum tank removing the bulk of oil, so if tray does get loose, it's not a mess.

Now the filter is clean/oil free with actual grip to handle it.
This process is from servicing fleets of trucks, when making a mess is not really necessary.
Engine can be filled with oil while this process in under way.

1024 VIEW

I'll be ordering the re-location kit before next oil change from Summit Racing.

Here's the post & process used.

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