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Foam removal, part 1.

I started by pulling out the bulkhead - at this point, I was not planning on getting rid of the foam. However, there was a nasty smell that had started last summer coming from the front and I would soon find out where it was coming from.

The bottom of the bulkhead was rotted and was mushy over on the driver's side.

Outside of the primary stringers, there are fiberglass forms that look like they help form the foam during manufacturing. They also hold water really well as there are no drainage holes. This pic is from the driver's side - would be just in front of where your left foot pushes on the bulkhead.

This is the foam that came out of it.

About halfway through the foam removal - probably about four hours' effort, though I was learning a lot about what saws to use, what position works well. My carpenter's saw and sheetrock saw where the best tools. A 2" putty knife was perfect for cleaning up the foam near the hull.

Whitening of the fiberglass under some of the foam. There's a lot more of this under the rest of the foam - pictures of that tomorrow.

I was frustrated by how the foam would wiggle around the edges, but I could not just pull it out. Turns out there's a 2x2 in the front portion of the bow that holds all of the foam in.
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