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I had a great day today working on the boat. Pretty much a full day effort with lots accomplished. Here goes with where I'm at, one post at a time.

The ski pylon is the biggest problem I have right now. It seems to be frozen (corroded) into the bottom mount. At floor level, the pylon has corroded horribly. Based on an initial assessment of the depth of corrosion, I want to replace this.

I've soaked the bottom mount with liquid wrench, but no give. I've hit the cross member with a dead-blow sledge, but nothing loosens, though the stringers are limiting how much it can rotate. Based on another thread, I'm expecting I will have to cut the pylon and drill out the bottom.

Here's the top corrosion:

The bolts holding the cross brace into the stringers were not doing much...

Any ideas for where I can get a replacement pylon? Or even better, some magic on how I can fix my current pylon? I love the classic look of this pylon and hate to see it go.

Old school pylon
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