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Originally Posted by DankOfAmerica View Post
New to the wakeboard scene, this will actually be my first summer on a board I bought to fit my height/weight. I've got up on other guys boards before, most of the time much smaller guys than myself so I'm eager to get on the water this summer.

I did quite a bit of research on a versatile board that would be something I could use from my 1st deep water start, to tricks. Wanted a board that would be a great board as my skill level advances.

I ended up going with the Ronix Vault 2012 (144) with the District Bindings, I'm 6', 215lbs on a good day so I wanted to make sure the board was designed for a bigger rider.
Hey man, I just started wakeboarding over the last month. I picked up the 2011 Ronix Vault and have had a great experience so far with it. Everyone told me that the large center fins will hinder my improvement and it would take longer to learn to really edge properly and recommended i just straight remove them. I did not want to go quite that far so what i ended up doing is replacing the like 1.8" Fin that came on the board, with a 1" ramp fin. That way i still have some fin there but im not relying completely on them. Now that i am getting more comfortable and my toe side has really improved I am thinking about taking them off all together soon. So just something to think about. The fins only run like 10 bucks so not bad either to replace.

I went high end on the bindings figuring I would keep bindings longer than a board possibly and got the 2011 Ronix one boots. Love them so far. The fit is dead on, especially for me with a big foot that runs between a 12 and a 13 usually.
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