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Originally Posted by cpr05xtr View Post
I have actually used jb weld on a boat (not a mastercraft) a few years ago and it actually worked for quite a while. You do run the risk of it failing but if you do it rite it will work for temporary until you can afford to get the repair done or winter comes around.
Thanks cpr05xtr, it seems some have had success with JB Weld and some have not. I'm guessing it depends on several factors, how bad the crack is, how well the repair is done, location of crack, etc. I haven't done anything yet but I think I'm gonna strip away the current repair job, which is a joke, to evaluate. At that point I'll decide if JB is a option. I know the JB will be only a tempory fix. If I go with the JB it will be more to evaluate the condition of the transmission and overall running condition.
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