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I posted this on someone else's topic...

"I have a 96 Prostar LT1. If you were in the deep south like me where it gets hot as Hades outside, I would say maybe vapor lock. If we run our boat hard for a while then let it sit baking in the sun with the motor box down, it will spit and sputter and die upon restart. I've had to put a rag over the fuel filter connection before the feul rail, unscrew it and a bunch of feul vapor will come out under pressure. I did this with the blower on and plenty of ventilation....and noone smokes around me. I let it sit for 5 minutes ventilating, then it runs like a champ.

I've learned to use my boat paddle and prop the box open for ventilation while we are off eating or whatever.

I doubt in the northeast that is your problem...and I'm no mechanic, just an engineer who likes to try to be. In the deep south of gets pretty warm :-)"

This was in response to a guy up north. Not sure how warm it got. If I leave my boat in the sun for an extended period I prop open (about 8-12") the motor box.
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