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Originally Posted by ahhudgins View Post
Iíve raised my 2 sons to adulthood, Iím on my second dog and my third MC and I had a first in the boat this weekend. We had a niece and nephew (both 9 years old, on my wifeís side of the family ) at the lake with some other guests. Letís just say I started to smell an odor around the dock when we started loading up the boat. The niece and nephew sat in the bow and the odor came back in the boat once I was under way.
We figured it was the nephew but he assured my wife that he hadnít had any ďaccidentsĒ.
He was proven wrong when his wet swim shorts started to leak a brown liquid onto my seats!! I havenít decided if Iím going to sell the boat or set it on fire.
when is the funeral?
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