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Pretty much back what everyone has said already. 92-95 205. In 94, they introduced the fuel injection so that was my secondary criteria. I looked and looked for just the right 94-95 205 with the LT1 engine. Definitely worth it and an awesome ski wake!

Plus room for the whole family! I have 3 daughters and my wife and that fits great! We also bring others when necessary and it's nice the 205 can handle that load.

I did also look at Bu's and Nautiques but I wanted the best ski wake I could find. The 205 was ranked very highly. I did consider the Nautique SNOB but have heard that the ski wake was compromised slightly and not quite the ski wake as the MC. Additionally, if I wanted fuel injection, I need to get something like a 98' or so. Can't quite remember but it was recommended to get the TSC2 or TSC3 hull if that meant a newer boat (aka higher price).

94-95 205 was old enough to keep it under that $15k mark easily.

I didn't like the fit and finish of the BU's in that era so I eliminated that from the list pretty quickly.
- Jeff

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