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Originally Posted by itch2ski View Post
I need help. I am a slalom junkie with a family and a budget. I am looking for a used ski boat, preferably open bow to accomodate the family. Hopefully nobody whips me, but I have been mainly looking at Malibus. I really like this forum and I know MC makes great boats as well so I thought I should get some opinions. I am trying to stay $15k or less. I am looking at Malibu Echelon LX's, Malibu Sunsetter LX's, and now Prostar 205's. Can some skiers out there tell me if they have skied any of these boats and how they compare. Also, from reading the FAQ thread it sounds like I'm better off with the 92-95 PS205 for a better slalom wake? Input please!
The 92-95 205 will be by far the best boat for you. I am not here to bash Malibu but you will get a far greater boat and better quality with the MC of that year then the BU with what you are wanting to spend.

That being said, I would have no problem skiing a 98 and up LXI or 98 and up Ski "N" but you would have to spend more money to get into those years. Your price range is best suited for the 92-95. The early to mid 90's BU just does not have the craftsmanship that the MC has and the Ski "N" has a stiff wake until the 98 model.

I am in a ski club with over 50 members, and I have skied behind lots of boats. Take away the PRIDE of what you own and it comes down to the wake and how much you want to spend on the wake. The 205 will be a better built boat (NO WOOD) and have the best wake for you.
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