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1979 Skier floor replacement leads to stringers and more

Hi all,

I first wanted to thank everyone for posting such great posts on restorations of older Mastercrafts. I have learned enough to have the confidence to start work on my own boat.

Last year, during a power turn the driver's seat ripped out of the floor. Didn't take long to figure out that the floor was rotting out. So, over the winter I did my homework and started ripping the floor out this spring.

The floor was mush under both the driver's seat / footbox and observers feet. Everywhere else, it was ok - thought I might have an easy job. After pulling the floor, it was clear the bow end of each stringer was rotted. So, these probably need to be repaired also...

When I took the bulkhead out (where the driver's feet would rest), there was an awful smell, like something rotting. I had noticed whiffs of this, but could never figure out where it was coming from. Despite being dry all winter, water was leaking out of the bow foam. I poked and prodded and found that the foam was water logged on the bottom.

I'm in deep now, and no turning back. I love this boat and will have to rely on pulls from friends while I get "Old Blue" back in the water.

I hope to share my path and learn some lessons from the experienced folks on this site.

I'm posting pics of my progress on

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