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I've decided to sell the boat in this thread in favor of a bigger, more family-friendly boat (I bought a new Prostar X-14V.. oh boy, can't wait till it gets here!)

If anyone is seriously interested in buying the boat in this thread, please drop me a line. I have half a mind to just trade it in to the dealer, which means that if you're at all serious about a perfectly restored Prostar 190 with a 425HP 7.4L 454-HO, you would be getting a great deal. As you can tell if you do the math in this thread, I've got over $20,000 into this boat, plus a year of labor (labor of love)

I've put it in the marketplace for $13,500. Boat has 950 hours - top end was rebuilt at 904, bottom was rebuilt at 450 - should be years before you need to do anything more than change the oil, raw water pump, fuel filter, and maybe tranny fluid every few years. You can make me an offer, but I think my asking price is more than fair.

Here's the difference between the $6500 boat I bought and the one you'd be buying:
NDT Tower ($2200)
950W JL class D dual-amp stereo with kenwood head end. ($1500)
Dual bullet HLCDs on the tower, JL marine sub under the bow. JBL-652 house speakers. ($1000)
Completely new electrical system front to back. (starter, ignition, coil, alternator, batteries converted to a dual-battery system, all new 00-gauge electrical) ($1000)
3-event perfect pass cruise control system ($1000)
All new carpet and brand new interior - vinyl work by Jim Jackson at Viper Customs ($2000)

Oh, and of course all the gelcoat and engine work, which I consider table stakes to buy a boat of this quality (that's were the rest of the money is in this project)
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