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Originally Posted by Cloaked View Post
Nice work. I have enjoyed seeing the progress. This goes to show me how biased in opinion I am about buying into boats and their issues that others inflict upon a new owner. I would have never considered doing this (lack of patience) but this goes to show how most anything can come back from the dead. Good work. I am wondering what you did to the heads for that engine? Were they reusable or did you replace them, and with what head(s)? The GT40 head is hard to find (for me anyway) so I was wondering...... or was that a standard 240 HP engine?

Marine grade plywood can be expensive. I have used builder grade plywood and covered it with epoxy resin which works quite well. Just a suggestion if you please.

I like seeing all of the engine work.

I assume that the parts you have bought on flea-bay are marine / USCG rated / approved? Auto components are not allowed for safe use (USCG). Just curious.

What carb did you buy?

Thanks for the pictures.

Thanks for the kinda words. Ive wanted to get into restoration for a long time. I frequent jeep forums and once considered a resto on an old CJ. Then I have an interest in late 70s porsche 911sc which I will restore one day for sure. I love boating/skiing, and this boat popped up at the right time, so I went for it.

The heads are the standard ones and Im planning on reusing them. They are still at the machine shop, and are being checked out. Assuming there isnt anything significantly wrong with them, they will clean them up, do a valve job and call it good. I told them Id like the block back asap so I can work on putting it back together. It was in good shape, and I think they are just about done cleaning it up and checking all specs. Ill be replacing 2 pistons I think, rings, and all bearings. Obviously gaskets and seals.

I havent found a source in town of marine plywood, but I also havent searched too much as of yet. Im almost to the point where Ill be working on those parts, so Ill get some soon. Although pricey, I feel like Id rather do it right, right being using marine plywood. I dont really ever plan on selling this boat once done, so Id rather not have rotten floors in 15 years if I can prevent it. Yes, other plywood will work with the correct treatment, but I dont really want to have that be an issue in the back of my head.

The parts I just purchased (exhaust manifolds, carb, raw water pump, circulating water pump, etc. ) are all from an 88 Prostar, the carb is def. marine version, which ever model came stock. Circulating pump is original too I believe, so its marine versions of that stuff.
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