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Originally Posted by d2jp View Post
Was this a one owner boat? If so, they knew of the crack. It not, then it would be harder to prove that the seller knew of the issue,....but I'd have to believe they did.
Clearly the boat was neglected, based upon the pics - usually a case of "buyer beware". However if you got the boat for a really good deal, and if you plan on keeping it and enjoying it for years to come, even if you paid too much - it's a awesome boat and deserves to be repaired correctly. Do that, and you will recoup way more in terms of enjoyment and the boat will hold it's value surprisingly well. If you are bummed out, just go price a brand new will feel better real quick!

Some people rescue animals. I rescue neglected MasteCrafts. It breaks my heart to see these awesome boats in such sad shape. I feel I got a good price, I felt I could replace the interior and engine and still make money if I sold it.
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