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Originally Posted by wtrskr View Post
The first thing I'd do is take a brown paper bag full of poop, set it on the previous owners front porch, light it on fire, ring the doorbell and hope he stomps it out with his foot.

How long after your purchase did you notice the problem? Did the JB Weld work at first or was it a problem right away? I have no idea of the potential for success, but I'd look into whether you could somehow prove that the guy knew about the problem and misrepresented what he was selling. If he purposely sold away his problem, who knows, maybe you could get some money from him in a small claims court or something like that. There are a lot of assumptions in there but a cracked block materially changes the value of what you purchased.
Wtrskr, I've had the boat a few weeks but just now discovered the cracked block. Like most boats this one has a story. It is a one owner boat, the previous owner spared no expense when he bought this 96 190 directly from the factory. It has all available options for that model year. The boat was well cared for and used only a few hours a year as it only has 300 hours. A few years back the owner died and his wife assumed ownership. Apparently she loaned it to her nephew and for a couple years he had it in Atlanta. Last year the widow and her new boyfriend went to Atlanta to get it, brought it back to Knoxville and took it out a few times last summer. After the summer the boat was taken to her unkles and apparently by the looks of it sat out all fall and winter. Supposedly the water was drained for winter. The widow and her new fiancé say they know nothing about a cracked block or the repair. And the nephew is in Afganstan. That's the story, and they're sticking to it.
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