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Dash panels- 88 Prostar

The mount holes on my dash panels are cracking, so I figured I'd CAD up new ones and fab them. Right now, I've only got the left panel drawn out, I'll have the right side switch panel done early next week. I have a laser cutter in my classroom, and will make a trial set out of plastic, but I might have nicer ones done out of sheet metal and powder coated, depending on cost.

Top two holes are 2" in diameter, I have a depth gauge and hour meter there, the lower holes are for horn (left) and ignition key (right). The switch panel will be a copy of the original. I'm thinking for the switch labels, I might see if I can have vinyl letters cut, rather than trying to mess with silk-screening. (Possible to do on metal, but adds to cost.)

Once I get them done, I'll start a thread in 'For Sale' if anyone's interested in buying a set.


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