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Originally Posted by d2jp View Post
Was this a one owner boat? If so, they clearly knew of the crack. It not, then it would be harder to prove that the seller knew of the issue,....but I'd have to believe they did.
Clearly the boat was neglected, based upon the pics - usually a case of "buyer beware". However if you got the boat for a really good deal, and if you plan on keeping it and enjoying it for years to come, even if you paid too much - it's a awesome boat and deserves to be repaired correctly. Do that, and you will recoup way more in terms of enjoyment and the boat will hold it's value surprisingly well. If you are bummed out, just go price a brand new master will feel better real quick!
Agreed.....After seeing the guy in the 1990 Restore thread ( ), there's never room for being bummed. He took a total wreck and has it back in good condition. An amazing venture for a rebuild.

From an old boat I re-did, here is JB in action.... first pic is JB in the red outline and JB leak in the blue outline. Second pic is further damage on the head where JB wouldn't work. The entire head was cracked all the way across. The Magnetic Particle test is shown in black area and the actual crack is shown in the blue area. That is green particle powder held in the crack from the MT (in between the black diamonds). My previous point is illustrated; where there is damage in one place, often times it extends to further areas of damage. This head cracked all the way across. JB sprang a leak after only 2 hours of engine operation, and these pics were the result. Both heads were replaced, the block surface was visual tested, MTed and PTed prior to putting on new heads.

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..Some of you give a whole new meaning to the phrase "another @sshole with a Mastercraft."

RE: Thrall, Welcome to the club....


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