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Originally Posted by Ryan View Post
That is nuts! Was she was safe? Looks like it rolled slowly.
From time to time as a kid, I remember seeing cars at the bottom of N.Ogden pass that had much more terrible consequences.
She's fine, thanks, except for that she's hesitant to drive up there now. Has only driven to the cabin once since the accident. My 6-yr old daughter was in the car as well and was pretty unfazed by the whole thing.

Originally Posted by mzimme View Post
I think the problem started when he let a woman get behind the wheel of that thing.
True enough and the funny thing is that she'd be quick to agree. We had talked about replacing the MB with something else but after seeing how the car (and people) came through the wreck it was a no brainer to get another one (especially since she'll be driving it ). As far as my letting her... I guess I'm just glad she'll "let" me use it to tow the boat since I don't want a truck as my daily driver.
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