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Originally Posted by Cloaked View Post
Nice work. I have enjoyed seeing the progress. This goes to show me how biased in opinion I am about buying into boats and their issues that others inflict upon a new owner. I would have never considered doing this (lack of patience) but this goes to show how most anything can come back from the dead. Good work. I am wondering what you did to the heads for that engine? Were they reusable or did you replace them, and with what head(s)? The GT40 head is hard to find (for me anyway) so I was wondering...... or was that a standard 240 HP engine?

Marine grade plywood can be expensive. I have used builder grade plywood and covered it with epoxy resin which works quite well. Just a suggestion if you please.

I like seeing all of the engine work.

I assume that the parts you have bought on flea-bay are marine / USCG rated / approved? Auto components are not allowed for safe use (USCG). Just curious.

What carb did you buy?

Thanks for the pictures.

What the hell you doing awake at 3:30 in the freakin morning?!
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