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Originally Posted by rgardjr1 View Post
The UFP actuator comes apart very easily with a pair of snap ring pliers. I would take the actuator apart and look at the shock. Put it in a vise and see if it's working in both directions. Sounds like the master cylinder is working since the brakes are grabbing. There is also a spring on the master cylinder that will affect how quickly pressure can be applied on the brakes. The UFP actuators are pretty inexpensive (~$150) relative to the $1000 to replace the rotors and calipers. The new one will basically drop in and all you'll have to do is bleed the brakes. I'm still a few days away from messing around with my retro fit project to replace my shot Reliable actuator, but when I tore into the Reliable actuator I had problems with both the master cylinder and the shock. In my case I think the master cylinder failed and then when I towed the boat with out brakes the shock got over worked and failed. Good luck!
You don't need brakes You don't have to tow too far I recently towed a 2005 Super Air without trailer brakes. Probably only weighs 4,300lbs with the trailer. The trailer has brakes, but they are drum and they don't work. It is a P.O.S. trailer. Tundra did pretty well, except when I had to stop quickly at a red light. The boat was really pushing against the truck. I could smell hot brakes. Makes me wonder about those Tundra commercials?
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