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I'm so thankful for all the replies and great advice please keep it coming. This is a new purchase and just discovered the engine crack. It appears the previous owner has attempted some type of patch. I have no idea what the material is but I began scraping it off with flat head screwdriver and it flakes like gasket type material. I've posted some photos at

mailto:[email protected]

I still haven't figured out how to post them here as all of my posting is done from my iPhone. The boat is 96 Prostar 190 with LT1 and powerslot trans. I'm thinking about peeling off all the attempted patchwork and see what's under there. Then possibly patching with JB Weld and get it out on the water to see if the transmission is in good shape. The engine runs now and as far as I can tell there's no water in the oil. My major concern is if I do continue to run this engine I may do more damage to other parts of the engine. Should I just go find an engine block and build it with the parts of my current engine and not run it at all? What block will work in place of chevy 350 LT1? Please advise. Thanks
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