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Originally Posted by Hogwild View Post
I too would like to upgrade my speakers. Are the Polk's TT's consensus favorite for cabin replacements? Also, what amp would you suggest to power these? Lastly, are the slim mounted ones the only way to go for a marine install? Thanks
I wouldn't say, consensus. (Kinda like, blondes or brunettes.)

The DB651s (coaxial) offer probably, biggest bang for the buck. You can get them for under $100.00, quite easily. If you have the room, go standard chassis. Slim mounts make trade-offs, especially with coaxials. This is were a good quality clean amp, would help.

I installed Polk MM651um, picked them up on sale.(Would not call these slim, but not super deep.) These have separate voice coils. i.e.- two speakers in one chassis. Extremely clean response, even with a modest amp. I'm still using my Clarion head unit amp, on mine. Groups like: Yes, EmersonLakePalmer, SteeleyDan,Blues/Jazz, classic rock, accoustical are amazing. Absolutely night-day, difference to oem marine speakers.

What are you going to use, the system for. As you can see, mind are used mainly for chillin' in a cove. I'm not the guy going down the lake, with stereo blasting. I have friends, for that.

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