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Originally Posted by Prostarski190 View Post
Has anyone ever used JB Weld or Marine-Tex on an exterior engine block crack? If so did it work, what was your experience, and would you recommend either or?
Useless and worthless and should be outlawed. Some love it... It's a joke and not even a temp fix.

Yea yea... "It worked for me like a champ... bla bla..." .....................If you've never seen a JB repair fail at your expense, you'll keep going back to it until you do. Did I mention useless? Consider radiator leak stop too... Just throwing out an opinion based on experience... Also try Dry-Lok for your basement CMU wall..... I kid.. Useless too...

Fix it right. Sorry to hear about a cracked block but I'd replace it or find a person that understands metallurgy, cohesion of metals , and welding beyond the skills of "burning a rod" or feeding a wire.

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..Some of you give a whole new meaning to the phrase "another @sshole with a Mastercraft."

RE: Thrall, Welcome to the club....

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