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Originally Posted by kgrove View Post
I still don't have a picture, but my dealer tells me I have a Reliable actuator - apparently no longer used on Mastercraft. He replaced the master cylinder and the shock already and also did something about the size of some kind of orifice (all these repairs are doing something to the size of one of my orifices as well).

I'm told Reliable is out of business and parts are unavailable so my only choice is to switch to UFP (Unique Functional Products).
I'm in the same boat. My Reliable master cylinder went T.U. and I'm replacing it with a UFP. I wasn't going to use the orifice because the threads didn't work, but now it sounds like I need to. I'm pretty sure the newer Mastercraft trailers use the UFP actuators so there should be an orifice part available through Mastercraft. Keeping my fingers crossed.
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